“A celebration of the unique, timeless and fun in every day.”

Alejandra Weston is the Founder and Designer of Ale Weston Inc.  Born in the U.S. but raised in Mexico, she grew up in between both countries.

After losing her father at the age of 19, Weston, a Marketing major, traveled around the world without knowing what she was looking for.  She finally settled in Los Angeles, California where she found the love of her life and most importantly herself.

It was in Los Angeles, that she discovered the art of Lost Wax Casting and never looked back.  She started hand sculpting jewelry designs in wax and casting them into precious metals to create special pieces.  While wearing her own designs, more and more people started asking her to make pieces for them and the brand was born.

Today, every jewelry piece is handcrafted by Weston and her team of master jewelers in Los Angeles, that share her passion for detail, quality and innovation.

Inspired by her own journey in life, her travels around the world and her grandmother’s jewelry box (not to mention her sense of humor!).  Weston’s designs are created for the modern woman who likes the finer things in life, sprinkled with the unexpected.

Founded on the belief that life is a gift and should be celebrated, at Ale Weston we celebrate life every day.  We celebrate diversity, milestones, stories, loved ones, arts and culture.  Ale Weston’s jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a celebration. 



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