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It all started with a burger…


Alejandra Weston had a very special relationship with her late Grandmother. She was quite simply her idol and inspiration.  A young widow and mother of seven, that had been left an unfinished motel by her late husband and had no option but to make it work…  Independent and hardworking, she would everyday look impecable making a point to dress up for herself to feel good and she’d attack the day.  Sometimes after finishing work late at night she would reward herself (and anyone that had helped her) with a fast food meal, her craving…  a cheeseburger, fries and strawberry milkshake!  Those late night burger meals became a tradition in the family, turning into cherished nights, enjoying each other’s company and talking about life. To celebrate these precious moments the Diamond Cheeseburger was created.

Today we believe the jewelry industry has lost its way, with many companies focusing too much attention on the biggest most outrageous design or the size of the bling on the ring, that’s why Ale Weston is on a mission, to bring back the traditional true meaning behind jewelry… The story.



Our founder and designer Alejandra Weston has always been obsessed with jewelry. Growing up she was drawn to her Grandmother’s extensive jewelry collection (all kinds, from fine to fashion, that she had collected through the years, from her travels around the world and gifted to her by her loved ones). Alejandra was fascinated by the craftsmanship including the beauty of the stones, but mostly she was touched by the personal stories behind each piece.  That's where Alejandra believed the real treasure lay, the treasure of human beings and the power of their own unique stories.

It wasn’t a surprise when in Los Angeles, California, after finishing her BA in marketing, Alejandra discovered the art of Lost Wax Casting and fell in love with making jewelry. She started hand sculpting jewelry designs in wax and casting them into precious metals to create one of a kind special pieces. Soon after, while wearing her own designs, people started to ask her to create pieces for them and the brand was born.

Today, Ale Weston’s jewelry is handcrafted by master jewelers that share her passion for unique detail, quality and innovation. Alejandra’s designs are created with love for the modern woman who likes the finer things in life, sprinkled with the unexpected.

“There is nothing as timeless, as a piece of jewelry with your own story. ” - A.W.


Ale Weston jewelry was born in Los Angeles, California with one ultimate goal, to make jewelry with a story. We give you the power to tell your story, by creating unique, customizable jewelry for you to treasure. 

Our fine and semi fine jewelry pieces are expertly designed and curated to mix, match and layer every day.  Add your personal touch to make one of a kind pieces and create meaningful jewelry and together we’ll make precious memories that last forever.

At Ale Weston we believe life is a gift and that is why we celebrate life every day through jewelry. We celebrate diversity, milestones, stories, loved ones, arts and culture.  

Ale Weston’s jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a celebration.

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"Their dainty, chic pieces celebrate the uniqueness of life with memorable designs that reflect milestones and special moments... Los Angeles' finest, Ale Weston."